2nd Upminster Scout Group


The 2nd Upminster (St. Laurence) Scout Group is an autonomous organisation formed in 1924. The Group holds property and equipment and admits young people to membership of the Group subject to the policy and rules of The Scout Association. We are sponsored by the Rector of St. Laurence Church.


We have been registered with the Charity Commissioners as an educational charity since 1968 and the members of the Group Executive Committee are the Trustees.


The Group Scout Leader and the Group Executive Committee are accountable to the Group Council for the satisfactory running of the Group.


The Group Council is the umbrella organisation representing all the adults involved in the Group including the parents and carers of the youth members. The Group Council generally meets once a year at the annual general meeting to approve the Annual Report and Accounts, agree the appointment of officers to the Group Executive Committee and appoint an auditor.


Our Group is part of Hornchurch Scout District which in turn is part of the Greater London North East Scout County. Members of our Scout Group are also members of The Scout Association which has over 450,000 members in the UK.